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JournalReviewer is an independent site that aggregates information users provide about their experience with academic journals' review processes so that others can be as informed as possible as they consider journal submissions.
Our goal is to provide users with detailed information to help them choose the best journal for the specific details of their unique submission situation.

JournalReviewer is for anyone who is considering a manuscript submission and wants to know a little bit more about what they can expect from their experience. Preparing a manuscript that's time-sensitive and trying to avoid a long review period? Hoping to get extensive feedback from reviewers? Check JournalReviewer to see other users' reports for that journal's time under review, number of reviewers, length of reviews, and other details about their review experiences. JournalReviewer collects both objective and subjective information in each user's report for a journal, providing you with a range of information as you consider what journal is right for your submission.

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