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Cortex, or Computer-aided Registration Tool for EXperiments, is a tool written in PHP/MySQL that assists researchers in organizing experiments and recruiting participants. It is a simple and standardized way to provide your participants with all the information they need about the experiments you run and save time by letting the participants themselves choose their own appointment from a previously defined list.
Cortex offers short-term experiment planning and organizing, providing an easy way to contact your participants, pooling information like which labs are used at what time, how many participants have yet participated and the spots still open, demographic data about the population of your studies by choosing which details people have to provide in the registration process. It also helps you to create a participant database for future studies. You can select people randomly or by distinctive details they previously entered and recruit them for new experiments.
The best thing about Cortex: It's is free for academic, non-commercial research. Try the demo and learn more about its functions, requirements, and how to obtain it on

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Elson, M., & Bente, G. (2009). CORTEX - COmputer-aided Registration Tool for EXperiments. Cologne, Germany: University of Cologne. Download from: